THROW; see what sticks.

THROW is designed to provide artists with a platform for ideas-in-progress, and to provide audiences with insight into the investigative process of performance-making. For the most up-to-date information on the series, visit The Chocolate Factory Theater.

If you're interested in participating in the THROW series, please contact Sarah Maxfield. Please include a brief description of the project you would like to workshop, focusing on the questions you are exploring with the piece.

Participating Artists 2006-2009

THROW [19] November 10.2009
Dietz Marchant
Mana Kawamura
Tatyana Tenenbaum

THROW [18] October 20.2009
Renee Archibald
Tara O'Con
Reghan Sybrowsky

THROW [17] September 15.2009
Maura Donohue
Benjamin Rasmussen
Jessica Ray

THROW [16] May 19.2009
The A.O. Movement Collective
Ana Keilson
Antonietta Vicario

THROW [15] March 10.2009
Jessica Morgan
Leanne Schmidt
Arturo Vidich

THROW [14] February 17.2009
Molly Lieber + Eleanor Smith
Juliana F. May/maydance
Sasha Welsh + Siri Peterson

THROW [13] November 18.2008
Maré Hieronimus
Jessica Ray
Enrico Wey

THROW [12] October 14.2008
Rachel Bernsen
Sahar Javedani
Gretchen Weber

THROW [11] September 16.2008
Laura Diffenderfer
Ursula Eagly
Megan Sprenger/mv works

THROW [10] April 16.2008
Andrew Dinwiddie
T. Lang
Jillian Sweeney

THROW [9] January 16.2008
Jack Ferver
Maré Hieronimus
Sahar Javedani
Zoë Klein & David Paris of PARADIZO DANCE
Leanne Schmidt and Company

THROW [8] November 14.2007
Curious Noise
Malleable Dance Theater
mv works

THROW [7] September 12.2007
Rebecca Davis
Betsy Miller and Dancers
Tara O'Con

THROW [6] May 2.2007
Donna Bouthillier and friends
Rebecca Davis
Andrew Dinwiddie

THROW [5] March 7.2007
Maya Lang
Skove Works
Gretchen Weber

THROW [4] January 7.2007
Ali Harmer
Cathy Richards
Jillian Sweeny

THROW [3] October 18.2006
Ursula Eagly
Marcy Schlissel and Bob Lukomski
Lily Skove and Kate Ten Eyck of Lower Lights Collective

THROW [2] August 23.2006
Pele Bauch
MV Works
Tara O'Con
Jack Ferver

THROW [1] June 21.2006
Estelle Woodward and Jeff Arnal
Rachel Tiemann
Renee Archibald


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