When you try to define something important, capture it, pin it down, it just shifts out of view. You can only see it properly if you don't look at it straight-on. You have to squint a little. Look at it sideways. You see it in a flash of understanding and then it's gone, and you spend the rest of your life trying to remember what it was.

Hailed by The New York Times as "fabulously strange," "delicious," "engaging," and "nuanced," Red Metal Mailbox's newest work was presented by the Chocolate Factory in the spring of 2009 and SIUE's Experimental Theater Festival in 2010. RMM is currently seeking touring opportunities for this critically-acclaimed production.

Old Tricks

In a slapdash circus tent at the dawn of the 20th Century, a trio of carnival lovelies presents a performance that is part freak-show, part dance-hall, and all magic. Framed by an intricate set and illuminated by eerily beautiful lighting, Old Tricks is a refracted image of old Vaudeville. Its haunting original songs, dazzling costumes, and stellar performances had the critics talking when it premiered at the Chocolate Factory in May, 2006. Hailed as "brilliant and moving" by and "as powerful as [it is] amusing" by the Queens Chronicle, Old Tricks returned to the Chocolate Factory in July, 2007 when Elizabeth Zimmer of METRO called it "the perfect diversion for a summer night."

old tricks
365 days 365 Plays

365 PLAYS / 365 DAYS

Red Metal Mailbox was selected to participate in the Public Theater's 365 Plays / 365 Days Project, a nationwide, year-long play cycle premiering 365 new plays by Pulitzer Prize Winner Suzan-Lori Parks. Red Metal Mailbox premiered The Carpet Cleaner on Pearl Harbor Day, a Parks play as part of the project at Galapagos Art Space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and reprised the production with two performances at the Public Theater in New York City.

Safety Pop

An elite team of specialists develops and tests ridiculous ultra-paranoid, superstitious safeguards for the world’s population. The quirky crowd of characters are alternately comforted and oppressed by their daily routine. Described by as “the most innovative use of bubble wrap seen in a long time,” Safety Pop explores the intersection of ritual and routine, and the way that each is used to create safety and control in a chaotic world. Safety Pop premiered at Triskelion Arts in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and was also presented at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

safety pop
space karaoke

Space Karaoke

Space Karaoke is a pitch-black comedy about old friends, dark secrets and alien abductions. Set in a mysterious karaoke bar, the play teeters between hilarity and horror, raising questions about memory, identity and violence. Space Karaoke, written by Kyle Jarrow, premiered at the TANK in NYC and was also presented at One Arm Red in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

Fractal Remainder

Three women, who are at once strikingly separate and thoroughly connected, struggle to maintain their individual identities while drowning in the needs of their collective. Their distinct yearnings boil to the surface when a gentle stranger is pulled into their world. Written by Mary Maxfield, this is a raw and lyrical play about aspiration, ambivalence and identity. Fractal Remainder premiered at the Ground Floor Theater and was part of Six Figures Theatre Company's Artists of Tomorrow Festival at the West End Theater in NYC.

fractal remainder
flower arrangement The Flower Arrangement

A young woman has been literally consumed by the beauty of her reflection and left another battling her own desire to disappear. Through striking choreography and a frightening spin on Red Riding Hood, this piece lays bare the catastrophic effects of our cultural obsession with beauty. The Flower Arrangement, written by Mary Maxfield, premiered at the Red Room in NYC and was also presented at the Metcalf Experimental Theater in Illinois.
Something Borrowed

RMM's fledgling exploration, investigating the legislation of romance, was presented at P.S. 122's Homeroom series in 2001.
something borrowed
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